Upload & download configuration files for any program on the internet.

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Note, configuration files are expected to be <= 50KB in size (too low? Leave some feedback & sign up for our mailing list and we will alert you if this limit changes! (or a premium version is available!)

Easy access

Setting up your favorite project/development environment/anything at the command line? Throw us a curl or a wget, and download one (or all) your configuration files easily! No more needing to rewrite long (or even short) configuration files. Already using a service like Chef or Puppet to set up your environments? Use our service like a CDN!


Version your files, keep up to date with the latest releases, with URLs that make sense. Uploading Vagrant/Chef/Puppet/Ansible configurations/scripts? version away and keep everything seperate, but easily downloadable together!

Sharing is caring

Discovered some great boilerplate settings for some program or want to suggest settings for your loyal userbase? Host them here and share them with the world, with only one easy-to-understand link to follow.

Developed with

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Configr is something I made just because I felt a need for it (mostly for shuffling around emacs configurations). If it has helped you, and you want to help me, feel free to send an encouraging comment, or pass me some kudos (whichever is easiest).

Think Configr is missing some bits? Got a feature request?

While engineering resources are not unlimited, Let me know what you think needs to be changed or improved! Almost all criticism is welcome, as I see it, it only makes me better, and possibly you happier!

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